What kind of firm are you working with?

As you plan your financial future are you looking to engage a firm that assigns an advisor to help you manage your financial life, or do you want to have an intimate relationship with a hand picked financial professional.  This is the difference and question each and every investor needs to ask themselves when they partner with a financial professional to lead them through life’s journey.

Everything we do is personalized for each client we have.  You receive real hands on attention by someone who not only knows you but more importantly, someone who has designed your financial portfolio along with you and can communicate your situation knowledgably.  You can be assured at R. Karras, Asset Management & Planning, LLC.  you are not just a number, you are the #1 priority on a daily basis.  We are small by design, no goals and ambitions to chase money at every existing clients expense, a bit of an old fashioned approach I guess, but we feel it works.

If you are ready to partner with a firm making the journey with you please give us a call.


R. Karras CFP®, CLU, CHFC