How are we different?

First and foremost we are a fully Independent Registered Investment AdvisorIndependent means we don’t work for a company – we work for you, our clients and friends.  We are not a big box store where everyone gets the same product.  We prefer a personal approach and that’s an advantage to our clients.  We don’t have a quota to meet, a product to push, a commission to make, our #1 goal is to work with our clients from the same side of the table, to deliver results based on your interest and goals.  You are our #1 client. 

We are small by design, we know each and every one of our clients and have carefully worked with them to begin their life’s journey.  Most firms talk about helping you to retire – we are focused on managing your life affairs for your Life, not just retirement.  In today's age, it’s not uncommon for individuals to live to age 100 or longer.  Our goal is to be sure you don’t run out of money along the way.

Where do we begin?                                   


In order to have an optimal journey and a successful path for your life we begin with a one on one get to know each other meeting.  In our meeting we will address your:
  • Thought process
  • Knowledge of the markets
  • Goals, both now and in the future
  • Risk temperament
  • Capital needs, budgeting
  • Current assets
  • Identify risk management techniques via life, health and long term care needs


Once we identify your situation as well as your needs and goals we then begin:

  • Projecting your current and future needs
  • Creating your risk tolerance to be sure we can achieve your goals with minimal risk and volatility while managing growth of your assets
  • Create our roadmap for both asset management and risk management for your future needs


As we move forward we create our asset mix portfolio using our industry leading risk assessment profile (FinaMetrica).  Your portfolio will be designed based on our analysis of your profile and our ongoing conversations of where your portfolio will be allocated appropriately and your return parameters will be discussed so there are no surprises along the way.  Your assets will be diversified into our core holdings of equities, exchange traded funds, individual bonds, money markets, cash, and individual stocks.  These allocations once set:

  • will be rebalanced on an ongoing basis, based on market conditions
  • will be tax managed to minimize any reported gains and in many cases can be netted out by year end to reduce capital gains (tax harvesting)
  • any specific requests will be discussed along the way


Finally, the key to any successful plan will be ongoing attention.  In doing so we will:

  • continue to rotate sectors, holdings, etc. due to market conditions.  This also means trimming inflated growth assets, as well as adding to lower performing asset classes to keep in line with our overall portfolio approach.
  • Review our financial plans, cash flow needs, charitable desires and address any and all concerns

Please take some time to get to know us and enjoy your life, not just your retirement.


R. Karras, Asset Management & Planning, LLC.