Compensation - How we are paid

Client's engage with us to get straight forward clear guidance regarding their financial picture,  as such, we have designed a very simple fee structure for our services.  We are not paid on a commission basis.

As a financial service firm, we have always felt those who engage with us should know what they are getting from us for what they pay us for our services.

Our investment advisory (Wealth Management) clients can expect the following:

           * Personalized attention for you and your money

           * Partnering with a firm with over 25 years of professional Wealth Management experience.

           * Credentialed Investment Advisor with thorough knowledge of the Financial Markets and how                                                              they may impact your assets.                               

           * Asset selection, placement, and ongoing monitorization from a fully Independent firm,                                                                          keeping your goals and objectives our number one priority.

           * Continual balancing and rebalancing of your portfolio.

           * On line or mobile account access through our technology platform giving you constant                                                                        real-time output.

           * Annual and ongoing tax management of your portfolio to insure we have the most                                                                               minimal negative tax affect throughout the tax year.

           * Based on account size comprehensive financial, retirement, Insurance and Social                                                                                 Security planning, in a written format for easy to view results.

Our services are "Inclusive" with one fee, calculated on a monthly basis of account balances.  This one fee is determined by a % of assets managed by us on your behalf.

As an independent firm we are working with you to accomplish the same things you are looking for:  1.) to minimize risks over time, during all markets 2.) to grow your assets based on unbiased market information and acting accordingly on your behalf.

During our initial and ongoing meetings, you will always know where you stand with us and how best we can meet your needs and requests.  Each month based on your calculations your account will be debited and you can see in plain sight on your monthly statements exactly what your charges are.  This is transparent, clear and easy to understand, so you are always up to date.

Our goal is to have a long term successful client relationship with all of our clients along life's journey for continuity and retention.  Please know if at any time you do not feel we have represented you well, you are under no obligation to stay with us and you are free to move your account elsewhere.  Out of professional courtesy, we would ask that you have that discussion with us if you are not satisfied.

That is our commitment to you.


Robert Karras, CFP®, CLU, ChFC