About Us

Celebrating over 35 years of unwavering commitment to you, our clients.  R. Karras, Asset Management & Planning, LLC. has the unique experience and insight in managing your affairs so that you can secure a successful financial future.

Our approach is different, we are an Independent firm.  As such, we do not have the herd mentality and follow, instead we use our keen understanding of the markets and trends to pioneer your path with the current financial landscape in managing your life's affairs.  As an Independent firm, we act as a Fiduciary and in your best interest while helping you achieve your goals and objectives so you can focus on what is really important, family and living life.

Our mission is simply to approach and work with each client individually, to understand your situation and to act and serve responsibly so that you can enjoy your life's work successfully.

Take some time, get to know us and lets discuss your financial future.